• examPAL logo
    Utilizing AI to personalize both practice sessions and solution strategies for each student
  • Cognishine
    Empowering health professionals to deliver better therapy
  • Plethora
    A Game-Like platform that develops Computational Thinking
  • SeeMe
    A SEL mapping tool, helping teachers understand their class
  • EAK
    A revolutionary game for K12 which helps them acquire 21st century skills
  • Wikikids
    Online encyclopedia for kids, written by kids
  • Augmented Classroom
    Engage your K12 students in visual 3D Learning
  • Twins
    Online shared platform for social learning with a twin class
    Online Learning Platform
  • Taklit
    An audio platform to share personal stories
  • Sharebook
    A digital notebook that turns a classroom into a learning community
  • DialoGYM
    A virtual space enabling group dialogue
  • iSee
    Developing vocabulary for K12